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Lori A Cox, Agency Director

Agency Administration


Alameda County Social Services
Agency Administration
2000 San Pablo Ave
Oakland CA 94612

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Social Services Agency Administration is committed to providing employees and departments with resources and services which enable all to achieve the Agency's mission.

Core Values and Priorities


The Agency Administration provides operational support to the Agency and ensures program integrity through the following services areas:


  • Facilities Management — Facilities Management is responsible for coordinating the design, development and implementation of new space build-outs and renovations, and facilitates smooth transitions for staff relocations. The Agency Facilities Coordinator leads the Facilities Team that consists of Information Services Managers, Office Services Manager, Telephone Coordinator, and (GSA) Communications Liaison. The Team assists departments in planning new space, converting existing space, and staff relocations.

  • Finance —The Finance Department supports the Agency by providing timely and accurate information and analysis, and managing the claiming, contracting, purchasing, payment, facilities and materials management functions

  • Human Resources —Human Resources is responsible for: recruiting, testing and hiring Agency staff; providing leadership in labor relations; addressing matters of employee health and safety; administering payroll; and assisting employees with compensation and benefit matters, as well as other duties as assigned.

  • Office of Policy, Evaluation, and Planning (OPEP) —The Office of Policy, Evaluation, and Planning(OPEP) assists policymakers in understanding the implications of pending and adopted legislation and develops policy and program recommendations to best meet the needs of our local community, while leading strategic change management initiatives to elevate organizational capability; offers in-depth datra and trend analysis, evaluation support along with training and technical assistance to the Agency and community partners; works in collaboration with other departments and community based organizations (CBOs) to develop and assist in the implementation of performance based contracting using Results Based Accountability (RBA); provides oversight of all fund development activities for the Agency and the implementation of the Agency's strategic plan as it related to fundraising and program development; and advocates on behalf of the Agency and supports the Agency's overall direction to promote the economic and social well-being of individuals, families, neighborhoods, and strengthen communities.

  • Program Integrity Division —The Program Integrity Division is responsible for preventing welfare fraud and monitoring program integrity. This includes:
    • Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS) Review
    • Overpayment/Overissuance processing
    • IEVS Investigations
    • Fraud Early Detection (FRED) Investigations
    • Appeals
    • Appeals Compliance
    • Work Participation Rate (WPR)
    • Quality Control(QC) and Quality Assurance(QA)
    Combined these units reduce the incidence of fraud, monitor program accuracy, and protect the rights of clients.

  • Training & Consulting Team —The Staff Development Training and Consulting Team (TACT) operates as a consolidated training department providing agency-wide training for over 2,200 employees. TACT provides personal and professional development through a comprehensive training program and professional consulting on organizational development initiatives, career development and leadership development.

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