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Agency Initiatives

Initial Strategies

  1. Data Driven and Best Practice Informed – Increase our data, evaluation and policy capacities by:
    • Initiating the use of mapping for spatial analysis of services, implementing departmental outcome metrics, and utilizing results-based accountability processes to inform program initiatives, contracts and the publication of the data for the public, elected officials, staff and other stakeholders; and
    • Enhancing the use of best practice reviews, policy and legislative analysis, and advocacy to inform program design and the contracting process.
  2. Outreach, Eligibility and Retention – Expand outreach, eligibility and retention efforts for all programs by:
    • Looking to continue the shift of moving the eligibility process more into the community and enhancing program access; and
    • Targeting our efforts strategically in communities with concentrated poverty and develop metrics to gauge need and utilization.
  3. Workforce – Improve our employment services and supports for County residents by:
    • Identifying core internal SSA capacities and improving the quality of the programming through our strengths;
    • Enhancing the Agency's capacity to match prospective employers with potential employees through the implementation of employment software;
    • Partnering with results proven community-based providers to increase client engagement, enhance cultural relevancy and improve the quality of the programs and supports;
    • Identifying workforce strategies to specifically engage fathers and offer program supports that encourage full family participation;
    • Collaborating with private-sector partners to better understand regional workforce needs, identify strategic investment opportunities in training, support business expansion and support job creation through related supply chain markets; and
    • Looking to leverage the County and other public-sector partners who are major employers by identifying current and future employment opportunities due to succession planning or key initiatives, e.g., Bus Rapid Transit project on International Boulevard, Oakland Army Base, Alameda County Courthouse construction.
  4. Contract and Procurement Reform – Target and invest our resources in the community to ensure the greatest impact by:
    • Implementing First Source for SSA contracts and procurements, requiring a percentage of employees, by contract and purchasing partners, to be locally hired from the neighborhoods in which they serve and/or are of the designated priority population, e.g., unemployed, participant of a cash assistance program; and
    • Targeting programmatic contract investment in communities with highest need and/or utilization by service area.
  5. Place-Based Initiatives – Support the increased flow of capital and investments in low-to-moderate income communities by:
    • Supporting the development of a County banking ordinance to direct investment, spending and lending by financial institutions in low-to-moderate income communities;
    • Working across systems and sectors to identify projects that will increase community assets that can provide both a neighborhood benefit and employment opportunities, e.g., grocery stores, child development facilities, business support and expansion, commercial corridor improvement; and
    • Collaborating with cities, banks and other stakeholders around land use policies, the donation of land or low-cost rent agreements, particularly for blighted or vacant parcels, in an effort to develop cost efficient strategies for the development of community-based assets within low-to-moderate income communities.
  6. Community Engagement – Enhance community engagement to inform initiative development, improve services, and guide policy/programmatic decision making by:
    • Continuing to convene and partner with stakeholders on key issues; and
    • Developing community engagement strategies to inform local initiatives and federal and state budget and legislative analysis.
  7. Continuation of the IV-E Waiver – Enhance some of the existing place-based initiatives and develop new strategies to leverage the success and connection between child, family and community well-being by:
    • Continuing to develop community-based programming such as mentoring, culturally relevant mental health services, educational supports, employment, and housing in neighborhoods with comparatively high family/youth involvement in child welfare and/or probation;
    • Developing family support strategies that engage all members of the family, with a particular sensitivity towards engaging and supporting fathers; and
    • Implementing an employment training program for emancipating foster care youth.

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